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    Vinicio Capossela (voc, p, g) Alessandro Asso Stefana (g) Giovannangelo De Gennaro (vielle, aulofono) Nicolò Fornabaio (dms) Raffaele Tiseo (v, kbd) Andrea Lamacchia (bg, db)
Vinicio Capossela is often portrayed as the Italian Tom Waits not only because of his many collaborations with Marc Ribot, the American folk singer's legendary guitarist, but also because he is an exceptional songwriter and a visionary artist who has a particular interest for his country’s folklore and traditions. With his raw voice, he easily shifts from blues to rock or gypsy music, building bridges between the Middle Ages and contemporary music like a modern-day minstrel. In 2019, the Italian comes back with an eleventh studio album: "Ballate per uomini e bestie", where his poetry puts a merciful era under the scope mixing equally black madness and serenity.
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    Melingo (cl, voc) Muhammad Habbibi Guerra (eleg g, bousouki, voc) Rodrigo Gomez (dms, pads) Juan Ravioli (bg, voc) Facundo Torres (bnd)
Daniel Melingo, a charismatic singer and clarinettist with a felt hat and a notched voice, embodies the true tango antiguo, dark and dented, smoked with Argentine milongas from last century. He has been wandering from city to city for more than thirty years, arboring a three-day beard and drawn features, carrying the flashy spirit of «La Ciudad de la Furia». His music is of the forgotten, the marginalized, retelling with tender irony the underground of Buenos Aires. Melingo grabs rock'n' roll, blues and rioplatense music, clashing them to shape the soundtrack of his trippy universe. The eccentric musician, a blend of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Corto Maltese, will perform his exultingly rogue Dada melodies under Cully’s own Chapiteau!