Festival gear

  • 2019 Festival poster: F4 format CHF 25.00 (pre-order, delivery mid-December)
  • Previous Festival posters:
    Have a look at the Cully Jazz Festival posters.
  • Cap: CHF 15.00
  • Corkscrew: CHF 7.00
  • Drawstring backpacks, tote bags and handmade bags made from recycled tarpaulin material from CHF 7.00 to CHF 50.00
  • T-shirts, sweats, babies onesies and other products. Limited stock.
  • Gift voucher available for any amount. It can be used to purchase tickets or gear.
    Order on our website.
  • Want to buy an album?
    Contact our record store.

All products are on display at the Festival’s office in Cully.


To order Festival gear

Please contact us +41 21 799 99 00 or place your order at