The organisation

Cully Jazz Festival exists as an association under private law since November 4, 1997. The main mission of the festival is the promotion of jazz and its artists through a high quality event open to all audiences.

Run by an association, Cully Jazz Festival stands as a testament to the dynamism of a team committed to the continuing existence of this event thanks to the participation of an organising committee composed of around fifteen members, supported by a team of 600 volunteers. Whether they are passionate about music, originate from Cully or are simply enthusiastic about participating, all these people stand at the service of a large, loyal and enthusiastic audience to continue working for the life of this festival, deeply rooted in the village of Cully and jazz music at large.

Organising team

(in alphabetical order)

Sandy Aegerter

Marta Arias
Communication manager

Alexandre Caporal

Jean-Yves Cavin
Co-director / Programmation

Antonin Chiavi

Laszlo Hasenauer
Presse and administration intern

Constance Helbecque
Box office and hospitality manager

Lê-Binh Hoang
Legal adviser

Martin Kraus Rodriguez
Quality manager

Jamie Mailer
Construction manager

Sarah May
Production manager

Louis Monnier
Stage techniques

Marianne Moreillon Favre

Sophie Nolan
Administration and communication intern

David Oriol

Elise Pasquier

Guillaume Potterat
Co-director / Infrastructure and logistics

Nicolas Potterat
Financial administrator

Lionel Regamey
Sustainable development


The organising team is made up of the members of the office and a committee and is divided into eight commissions. Reinforced by external speakers, each commission deals with its dicastery.

Some commissions are divided into subcommissions to better manage their specific area of activity.

Programming committee

The programming committee handles the artistic direction of the Festival. Helped by several residents of the village and other partners, it is in charge of developing the Festival’s line-up.

The members of the programming committee are Damiano Boscacci, Jean-Yves Cavin (director), Arnaud Di Clemente, Kate Espasandin and David Michaud.

The staff

The Festival also owes its success to its volunteers. There were more than 700 staff in 2019 active in all sectors of the event : transport, reception, box office, security, infrastructures, cleaning, bars, etc.

The council

The council supports the steering committee in their strategic decisions. Furthermore, it works as an ambassador of the Association.

It is made up of Benoît Frund (president), Alexandra Post Quillet and Laurent Staffelbach.