Disability services & access

Cully Jazz wishes to make its site as accessible as possible so that everyone can enjoy the Festival.

Access to the Festival's site

Parking places

Cully Jazz has disabled parking places close to the Festival’s site. Please ask our security agents who will direct you.


Train station

Cully train station is under construction but should be wheelchair friendly for the 2022 edition of the Festival.

Festivals perimeter

The pavements between the Temple and the lake-side are narrow and could cause a need for assistance.


A toilet is available at the Next Step, near the entrance. Please ask the staff at the entrance.

Outside of the Next Step concert hours, please contact the Festival office at 021 799 99 00.


Rollstuhl-WC eingeschraenkt


The Festival works with the Chaise Rouge – a service offered by the Croix-Rouge vaudoise with the help of Pro Infirmis Vaud – to offer a personalised accompaniment adapted to people with reduced mobility. The Chaise Rouge volunteers are present on site throughout the Festival to answer all requests and needs depending on each type of disability.

People with reduced mobility who wish to be helped by the Chaise Rouge throughout their evening at the Festival can contact the Croix-Rouge vaudoise who will put them in contact with a volunteer.

Contact the Croix-Rouge vaudoise: +41 21 340 00 99 or benevolat@croixrougevaudoise.ch

Access to the concert venues and caveaux

Festival IN

The Festival IN’s stages are accessible to people with disabilities.

The staff at the entrance of the venues will help you to find a place inside.

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