JOSHUA REDMAN, special guest of the Reis Demuth Wiltgen trio (USA, LUX)

JOSHUA REDMAN, special guest of the Reis Demuth Wiltgen trio
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    Joshua Redman (sax) Michel Reis (p) Marc Demuth (cb) Paul Wiltgen (dms)
Since the day he heard the Reis Demuth Wiltgen trio on the stage of a French jazz festival where he was himself performing with his quartet, renowned American saxophonist Joshua Redman has said he is in love with the people of Luxemburg. So much so that he started playing some of their compositions with his own bands, before starting a European tour with them this spring. Together, the saxophone of Joshua Redman, the piano of Michel Reis, the contrabass of Marc Demuth and the drums of Paul Wiltgen create a melodic finesse and sharp technique giving free rein to their lyricism through majestic solos or powerful rhythmic structures.

Marie Kruttli trio (CH)

Marie Kruttli trio
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    Marie Kruttli (p, compo) Lukas Traxel (cb) Moritz Baumgartner (dms)
Just about a year ago, young pianist Marie Krüttli and her trio – laureates of the 201 ZKB Jazzpreis – released a third album titled Running After the Sun on German label QFTF. Lauded by critics, the trio went on to appear on the most prestigious jazz venues of Switzerland: Moods in Zürich, Langnau Jazz Night, the JazzOne+ festival. Alongside contrabassist Lukas Traxel and drummer Martin Perret, the pianist from Jura exploits the acoustic possibilities of the traditional piano-trio to sublimate an original repertoire of rare sophistication. Spontaneous and unpredictable, the three musicians weave together a complex music with poetic inflexions and unveil an intimate universe, which is both deep and airy, both lyric and virtuosic.