BCV, Cully Jazz présentent la balade musicale

Balade Musicale

While waiting for the 39th edition, the BCV and the Cully Jazz Festival offer you a musical stroll through the vineyards.

Enjoy a magical stroll through the heart of the Lavaux region while discovering music composed specially for the occasion by a series of Swiss musicians!

Bring your headphones along to listen to the tracks on your mobile device, or slide your phone under the plastic crates to hear the music out loud!



Guided Walks

Let yourself be guided by an artist, a specialist of the region or a member of the Cully Jazz Festival programming team and discover the backstage of this project!

Choose your guide among the artists: : Fabien Iannone (10th June), Julie Campiche (24th June) and Yilian Cañizares (21st July)
or the programmers : Jean-Yves Cavin (23rd September) and Arnaud Di Clemente (12th August)
or a guide of Lavaux World Heritage  (8th July and 9th September)

Guided walk in French 2 hours, from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm followed by a Verre de l’Amitié.

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The registration is required for guided walks.



Practical Information

The walk takes approximately an hour and a half including listening time.

Starting and arrival point at the Festival’s Office.

About 4km


The walk starts opposite the train station in Cully. Follow the signposts leading to the Hôpital de Lavaux all the way to the chemin des Colombaires. The first stop is located at the end of a small vineyard trail.

Keep going along the low wall to get to the second stop. Then turn right on the route de Cully towards Grandvaux. The third stop is on the path opposite a magnificent panorama of the lake and the vineyards. Once in Grandvaux, keep to the road to find the fourth stop opposite the « Maison Lavaux ».

Just before leaving Grandvaux, take the chemin de la Creuse on your left and go down towards the chemin des Burnettes, where you will find the fifth and sixth stops.

Back in Cully, take the chemin de la Charrerette on your right. The seventh stop is situated nearby the small vineyard hut. Find your way back to the route de Grandvaux and take the rue du Temple through Cully, then the rue Saint-Antoine to finally end up at the finishing point at the jetty.



The walk can be done alone or as a group, in accordance with the current sanitary guidelines.

Please respect social distancing and be patient if the post you arrive at is already occupied.


The walk is made possible thanks to the precious support of the BCV, main and historic partner of the Festival.

Last but not least, Lavaux would be nothing without its vineyards. A special thanks goes out to the Communauté de la Vigne et des Vins de Lavaux for their outstanding support.

Please remember the importance of respecting the hard work of the winemakers by staying on the paths and taking your litter with you.


Design of the stations: zap-design
Boxes: Atelier 7 en bois
Graphic design: Carnal Verona
Photography: Luana Bussy
Website: Hawaii