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    Oumou Sangaré (lead voc) Guimba Kouyaté (g) Alexandre Millet (kbd) Elise Blanchard (bg) Jon Grandcamp (dms) Abou Diarra (kamele n'goni) Emma Lamadji (back-voc) Kandy Guira (back-voc)
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Oumou Sangare is an inexhaustible woman, with overflowing generosity. While she continues to pursue a parallel career as an entrepreneur in areas such as hotel management or agriculture, the Malian artist picks up the microphone once more in «Mogoya», her first album since 2009. A true legend of West African singing, she comes back to us with a collection of tracks recorded in Stockholm and Paris alongside French collective Albert and legendary drummer Tony Allen. In «Mogoya» - which can be translated as "human relations today" - Oumou Sangaré denounces the problems faced by African women and the abuses of patriarchal society. Beyond her powerful and mature voice is a feminist message that aims to illuminate the path of her contemporaries.
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    Blick Bassy (voc, g) Clément Petit (vlc, back-voc) Johan Blanc (tb, kbd, back-voc) Arnaud de Casenove (kbd, tp)
Following the critical and public success of «Äko», a bright and moving blues album, Blick Bassy returns to Cully with new and instantly charming melodies. Rocked by the rhythms of traditional Cameroonian music, the songwriter and author from Yaoundé continues to take his music to other territories and mixes funk, jazz and pop sounds with elegance and modernity. Simultaneously minimalist and organic, his orchestrations support his sensitive and inebriating voice. Founder of The Jazz Crew and Macasa bands, the latter having won him the RFI Musiques du Monde Award in 2001, Blick Bassy moved to Paris to pursue a solo career from 2005 on. He is currently preparing a new album expected for 2019.