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    Stanley Clarke (bg) Beka Gochiashvili (p) Cameron Graves (kbd) Salar Nader (tabla) Shariq Tucker (dms) Evan Garr (v)
One bass. One particular groove. An outstanding musician, a pioneer of jazz-rock and jazz fusion, notably with his legendary band Return to Forever alongside Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke has established himself as a key figure in jazz and one of the greatest bassists in the world. Born in Philadelphia in 1951, he played his first scales on the accordion and the violin before exploring the double-bass and then the electric bass. A virtuoso with unrivaled technique, and genius of composition recognised through four Grammy Awards, Stanley Clarke has influenced a generation of musicians by becoming one of the few bass players to lead in performances with his bands. In Cully, he will be surrounded by young talents for a funk show with relentless energy.
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    Anne Paceo (dms) Ann Shirley (voc) Florent Mateo (voc) Pierre Perchaud (g) Christophe Panzani (sax) Gauthier Toux (kbd)
With «Bright Shadows», musician Anne Paceo continues her exploration of pop and jazz through hybrid compositions of folk and soul. Her orchestration and aesthetics, an escape through electric emanations, are expertly imagined by the French drummer, who now dares to share her singing voice, allying it to that of Ann Shirley and Florent Mateo. Audacious and demanding, Anne Paceo has asserted herself by accompanying contemporary artists such as Jeanne Added, China Moses or Mélissa Laveaux, and big names in jazz including Henri Texier, Michel Legrand, Sandra Nkake and Rhoda Scott, with whom she will be playing in Cully on Sunday night. She will present her personal project as an opening act to Stanley Clarke.