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    Maya Youssef (kanoun) Elizabeth Nott (perc) Basel Saleh (oud) Barnabas Morse-Brown (vlc)
“Music is my personal healer and an antidote to current events, not only in Syria, but world-wide.” With her first album, «Syrian Dreams», Maya Youssef retraces her personal journey through long years of war. The kanoun virtuoso -a traditional pinched-string Syrian instrument- grew up in Damas which she left in 2012 for London, where she performs in legendary venues alongside Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) amongst others. Her music, mostly based on traditional Arabic scales and modes borrowed from mâgam, reflects a widened musical universe permeated by influences as diverse as flamenco and jazz. With the help of her quartet, Maya Youssef will invite the festival-goers to a celebration of hope in a forthcoming peace.