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    Léo Tardin (p)
17h00: Concert at the Union Vinicole de Cully.

First winner of the prestigious piano competition held by the Montreal Jazz Festival in 1999, Léo Tardin brought a whole new generation of Swiss pianists into the limelight. Since then, he has earned the respect of the public both here in Switzerland and abroad with his electric project that flirts with hip-hop: Grand Pianoramax has taken the pianist to Mumbai, Berlin, Paris, London, Rome and New York. In 2014, he rediscovered the pleasure of acoustic music and solitude, producing his first solo album, «Dawnscape», followed four years later by a triple live album, «Collection», a travel diary documenting some of his most beautiful concerts. In the freshly renovated hall of the Union Vinicole de Cully, Léo Tardin will present some of his most exquisite compositions, both rigorous and rebellious, always flirting with speed and danger.