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    Michael League (bg) Mark Lettieri (g) Marcelo Woloski (perc) Jason "JT" Thomas (dms) Bobby Sparks (kbd) Justin Stanton (kbd, tp) Mike "Maz" Maher (tp) Chris Bullock (sax) Zach Brock (v)
They are one of the most sought after bands in contemporary jazz. Founded in 2003 by bass player Michael League, Snarky Puppy soon set themselves as the reference for groove, improvisation and the fusion of genres. An explosive gathering of some of the best musicians of their generation, blending funk, rock and nu-soul. Snarky Puppy has developed into a « rotating collective », where instrumentalists come and go for the pleasure of the performance, to confront their relation to jazz and to push back the limits of their creativity. Boasting three Grammy Awards, the American formation is back with «Immigrance», a new album that expresses both the fluidity of sound and the diversity of the members that form the DNA of the band.
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    Arthur Hnatek (dms, elec)
Celebrated by his peers in the contemporary jazz scene, drummer and composer Arthur Hnatek has sought the thrills of performing solo for the past two years under the ambigram SWIMS. Erik Truffaz, Shai Maestro and Tigran Hamasyan have all fought to play with him, but it’s using nothing more than his captor-augmented drumkit and perforated cymbals that the drummer from Geneva likes to make his audience dance. His first EP – «Elle» was released in 2017 on New York label Susan Records. Never losing his prodigious mastery of micro-pulsation, Arthur Hnatek adds organic rhythmic lines to his entrancing synth pads. The electronic music soon becomes an escape route, giving way to experimentation and easing the friction between the drummer’s multiple artistic universes.