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    Paolo Fresu (tp, fluegelhorn) Lars Danielsson (cb, vlc)
The date is set for the unpredictable clash between two legends, famous Sarde trumpetist Paolo Fresu and tranquil force of European jazz, Swedish cello and bass player Lars Danielsson. Brought together by the ACT label for an intimate recording session in a small Swedish fishing town, the two musicians lend themselves to the duet game with ease. Over the 15 tracks of their first album, “Summerwind”, their voices tune to the sounds of jazz, traditional and baroque music with a surprising interpretation of an air from one of Bach’s cantatas. Thanks to the Temple’s acoustics, Paolo Fresu and Lars Danielsson’s calm groove will delicately develop their characteristic lyricism. A sweet summer-tinted lull will envelop the audience for a moment of infinite elegance.