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    Chucho Valdés (p) Ramon Vazquez (cb) Dreiser Durruthy Bombalé (perc) Yaroldy Abreu Robles (perc)
The master of Cuban jazz returns to Cully! After celebrating the 40th anniversary of his mythical project Irakere in 2016 under a Chapiteau on fire, Chucho Valdès will present «Jazz Batá 2». A direct sequel to his 1972 album which laid the foundations of Irakere and explored Cuban jazz by confronting its harmonics to the rhythm of the batá traditional drums (sandglass-shaped percussions that are the pulse of Afro-Cuban music). Four decades later, the 78 year old pianist revisits their distinctive sonority alongside bass player Ramon Vasquez and percussionists Dreiser Durruthy Bombalé and Yaroldy Abreu Robles. An exemplary reminder that he still possesses all of his virtuosity.
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    Mark Guiliana (dms) Matthieu Michel (tp) Alexis Bazelaire (ehr) Cyril Billiot (cb) Antoine Cellier (mar, perc) Yen Yu Chuang (mar, perc) Gabriel Desfeux (vb, perc) Théo Diblanc (vb midi)
After an unforgettable concert in 2016 with his acoustic quartet, drummer Mark Giuiliana returns to Cully’s Chapiteau in a collaboration with the Lausanne High School of Music (HEMU). The American musician, known for his stylistic eclecticism and virtuosity, will explore exclusive new material with distinctive electronic touches delivered by the keyboard and vibraphone players of the professional school. An inspired pedagogue, he will lead them through pieces composed by students and bugle and trumpet player Matthieu Michel, who will join the ensemble as a soloist. By exploring aerial and repetitive structures, the two masters of improvisation that Matthieu Michel and Mark Guiliana are will assist the HEMU students in discovering new sets of sound far from their traditional playgrounds.