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    Popa Chubby (g, voc) Francesco Beccaro (bg) Stefano Giudici (dms) Amar Ramdane (kbd)
Built like a giant, with the ferocity of a wild dog, sporting a shaved head and prison tats, the boss of “dirty blues” doesn’t deal in pleasantries. And thank god for that! Back in Cully for the third time, Popa Chubby will bring his vintage Stratocaster for a storm of massive riffs exuding the urban MOITEUR of the Bronx clubs. Rough and raw-voiced singer, virtuoso guitarist, New York’s Chubby Popa will release a new album in January 2020, «It’s a Mighty Hard Road», celebrating 30 years of blues and rock’n’roll. A celebration of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s America, the America of bikers and of lovers of music as tough as leather.
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    Lucky Peterson (g, voc, hammond B3) Tamara Tramell (voc) Shaxn Kellerman (g) Raul Vales (dms) Rachid Guissous (kbd) Michael Nunno (bg)
« 50 years doing Blues, and I’m just warming up! » warns Lucky Peterson in introduction to his latest album- «50 – Just Warming up !» newly released this autumn. The tone is set. At 54 years old, the Buffalo bred musician isn’t ready to give up his guitar or put away his organ. Inheritor of B.B King and Buddy Guy’s traditional blues, Lucky Peterson fell into the cauldron as a kid. When he was 5 years old to be precise, as he witnessed some of the best musicians coming through his father’s blues club in the Bronx. The New-Yorker has kept his sparkling eye and the energy of a kid raised on blues ever since. Notwithstanding his warm voice and feverish groove that make him an unmissable bluesman.