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    Christophe Calpini (dms, compo) Estelle Beiner (v) Eléonore Giroud (v) Priscille Gfeller (vla) Sara Oswald (vlc) Patrice Moret (cb) N'eman (voc)
Drummer, composer, arranger, producer. Christophe Calpini wears many hats and tirelessly multiplies his collaborations (Erik Truffaz, Alain Bashung, Marc Ribot) through his thirst to discover unchartered areas of musical creation. Over a career spanning twenty years, the Vaudois artist cofounded the mythical Stade, Dog Almost and Mobile In Motion, received the Swiss Music Prize and established his notoriety on the international music scene. Resident artist at the THBBC in 2016, the relentless experimenter will bring the electricity-saturated lyricism of his latest album, “Motion Sickness” (2019) to the Temple, a venue usually dedicated to acoustic music. Surrounded by four extraordinary musicians, two special guests and his electronic circuits, the musician will guide the festivalgoers through a unique soundscape of breath-taking beauty.