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    Charlie Cunningham (voc, g) Will Gates (dms) Sam Scott (tp, kbd) Jon Cox (kbd)
Charlie Cunningham colours his English folk with warm Andalucian flavours. The soft chords of his guitar flow over his suave and soothing voice. A few hard and fast strums on the nylon strings sometimes burst out from his delicate musings. Passionate flamenco-lover, the British musician went to live in Seville for two years to familiarize himself with the genre. The resulting hypnotic and delicate compositions oscillate between the melancholy of the grey London skies and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. With his second album, «Permanent Way», José Gonzalez’s protégé makes the move from acoustic music to electronic sonorities that open up new horizons for his radiant harmonies.
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    Melissa Bon (voc, compo) Gaspard Sommer (voc, compo, synthesizer) Louis Matute (g elec) Marino Palma (kbd, synthesizer) Zacharie Ksyk (tp) Léon Phal (ts) Virgile Rosselet (bg elec) Léo Juston (dms) Valentin Liechti (elec)
He composes, produces, sings... Since the release of his first solo album in 2012, the Geneva-based genius and catch-all key Gaspard Sommer has left his mark on the local music scene. Skilfully navigating between hip-hop, jazz and pop, he performs alongside the rising stars Danitsa and Flèche Love, releasing a fourth album in 2019: "Asking Questions", on Eica Records. At the Cully Jazz Festival, the musician will join forces with the Franco-Geneva singer Melissa Bon. With her deep voice, haunting melodies and luminous groove, the Parisian by adoption has been a sensation since the publication of her first EP in 2018. In partnership with Couleur 3, the duo will share the stage for a brand new creation with soul and electronic vibes.