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    Abdullah Miniawy (voc, compo) Peter Corser (sax, compo) Karsten Hochapfel (vlc)
Transcending styles and identities, the captivating cry of young poet Abdullah Miniawy carries far, much further than the Cairene clubs where he first started. The Egyptian spoken word artist multiplies his projects in Europe where he now lives, crossing paths with Erik Truffaz or rapper Marc Nammour. In Le Cri du Caire, his lyrics are delicately enhanced by Peter Corser’s continuous breath and Karsten Hochapfel’s baroque sonorities. No need to understand the meaning of his lyrics to get caught up by the mystic force that emanates from this diverse trio. Unique blend of jazz, Sufi poetry and spoken word, Le Cri du Caire will let the voices of silenced communities resonate in the heart of the Cully Temple, filling it with freedom chants and calls to revolution.