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Sona Jobarteh (voc, g, kora), Mamadou Sarr (perc), Eric Appapoulay (g), Andi Mclean (bg), Yuval Wetzler (dms)
Traditionally the Kora is an instrument that is played by the griots of West Africa who transmitted stories, folktales and songs down the generations. Sona Jobarteh, with Gambian origins, decided that times had changed and she became the first female virtuoso of this African harp. She learned how to play the instrument from her father and then went on to compose as well. After completing an academic course in London, she shattered norms, and due to her talent, the most prestigious stages of the planet were opened to her. Her new album, Badinyaa Kumoo, was recorded on her terms and she considers it an appeal to anti-conformity.
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Cheick Tidiane Seck (kbd), Paco Sery (dms, perc), Guy Nsangué Akwa (bg)
Cheick Tidiane Seck and Paco Séry are two giants of West African music whose respective paths invoke awe. They have played with the most distinguished artists and have developed a reputation for excellence with their mix of jazz and African music. The duo is a spinoff of Project 368° and will be accompanied by Cameroonian bass virtuoso Guy Nsangué. Songwriter and arranger, this eclectic artist has journeyed through various musical styles and has played with Cheick Tidiane and Paco Séry for many years. The three musicians will celebrate musicality, generosity, groove and sharing. By bringing together Mali, Cameroon and Ivory Coast, this concert invites us to the universality and unity of contemporary music.