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Erik Truffaz (tp), Marcello Giuliani (bg, cb), Alexis Anérilles (p, kbd), Raphaël Chassin (dms), Matthis Pascaud (g)
Truly inseparable from Cully Jazz, this Franco-Swiss trumpet player has over time risen to the top of the list of artists most often seen on Cully’s stage. But familiarity does not breed contempt as this global jazz reference never ceases to surprise audiences with his creativity and talent. Erik Truffaz knows how to put on a show and seduce the audience with impeccable groove music, driven by fusion and exploration of sound. Truffaz’s “Rollin' & Clap”, which he co-produced with Marcello Giuliani, makes its Swiss premiere at the Festival. Truffaz revisits and injects his unique touch into some of the greatest musical pieces of the Golden Age of Hollywood.
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Maja Nydegger (p, compo), Nils Fischer (as, bcl), Claudio Von Arx (ts), Simon Iten (kbd), Philippe Ducommun (dms)
Blaer’s music is both quiet and powerful. There is no unnecessary sound: everything is in balance and has its place. This combo’s vision of jazz is defined by repetitive piano patterns enhanced by airy saxophone tunes and an impeccable rhythmic base. For over a decade, this Bernese quintet, formed around pianist Maja Nydegger, has been making its path and shaping its message, with both small and large successes on Swiss and European stages. In 2020 the band released its third album, “Yellow”, released by Nik Bärtsch’s Zurich label, Ronin Rhythm, which bears artistic touches of the exemplary pianist - proof of an admirable maturity and continuity.