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Avishai Cohen (cb, voc), Guy Moskovich (p), Roni Kaspi (dms)
A musician who needs no introduction, Avishai Cohen has become an icon of jazz and of the current music scene. With over 15 records, this bassist, singer and composer, who studied with jazz’s grand legends in New York, has performed at prestigious stages around the world. His new release, “Shifting Sands”, was hailed by international critics for its melodic lines, the sophistication of its rhythms and an elegance unique to this contrabassist. This trio includes pianist Guy Moskovich and the very promising Roni Kaspi, an Israeli drummer a mere 22 years old.
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Erwan Valazza (g, synth), Zacharie Ksyk (tp), Gaspard Colin (electric bg), Nathan Vandenbulcke (dms)
The Mohs scale was created by the German researcher of the same name to measure the hardness of minerals. Inspired by the materiality of the world around us and by the contemplation of the terrestrial forces at work on our planet, the music of the Lausanne combo is revealed in the form of textures, forms and melodies that draw mesmerizing cinematic landscapes and invite us to explore the realm between dreams and reality. From the fluffiness of talc to the density of diamond, the band led by trumpeter Zacharie Ksyk and guitarist Erwan Valazza wanders through the hardness scale in search of the primary link of human and Earth.