Manu Katché (dms), Jérôme Regard (cb), Patrick Manouguian (g), Eric Legnini (kbd), Gabi Hartmann (g, voc), Ben l'Oncle Soul (voc), Thomas Dutronc (g, voc)
Percussionist with a wide range of styles, Manu Katché began with classical studies which ultimately led him to jazz and pop-rock. His distinctive drumming has made him stand out and he has accompanied a variety of renowned artists in France and internationally including Jean-Jacques Goldman, Joni Mitchell, Sting, Tracy Chapman and others. Particularly attached to jazz, which he has been perfecting for over twenty years, the drummer recently explored the quartet formula with his album "The Scope". For his visit to Cully, he will be accompanied by Ben l’Oncle Soul, Thomas Dutronc and the French revelation Gabi Hartmann on his One Shot Not project, inspired by the program he presented on the ARTE channel (2007-2010) and which brought together the best musicians from all genres.
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Bojan Z (p, compo), Shems Bendali (tp), Antoine Cellier (vb), Victor Decamp (tb), Fabien Ghirotto (dms), Bänz Œster (bg, compo)
For this new collaboration between the Festival and the HEMU – Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, Franco-Serbian pianist Bojan Z has been invited to work with Bernese bassist Bänz Œster and young local talent. A sextet, the HEMU Jazz Orchestra seeks to increase opportunities for the students to collaborate with the biggest names of the current international scene. Bojan Z, active since the 90s and recognized for his talents as a composer as much as a performer, is the accompanist of choice for this occasion. They will perform a mixed repertoire of truly festive original compositions by Bojan Z and Bänz Œster.