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Dhafer Youssef (voc, oud), Mario Rom (tp), Daniel Garcia (p), Swaeli Mbappe (electric bg), Tao Ehrlich (dms)
A musician with boundless energy and a mesmerizing voice, Dhafer Youssef is one of the pioneers who introduced the oud to the world of jazz. Pushing the boundaries of genres, his music unabashedly blends traditional influences with electronic, rock, and funk sounds. For his latest album, Street of Minarets (2023), born from a collaboration with Herbie Hancock, Dhafer is joined by the pianist and six other exceptionally talented musicians. Infused with the musical universes of each instrumentalist, the compositions invite listeners to escape into the memories of the oud player, from his childhood, filled with the chants of the muezzin, to his numerous journeys around the planet.
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Elina Duni (voc), Rob Luft (g), Patrice Moret (cb), Viktor Filipovski (dms)
With "A Time to Remember," Elina Duni and Rob Luft explore the theme of time through repertoires of traditional Albanian, Kosovar, American, and French songs, alongside their own compositions. Folklore, lyricism, and contemporaneity take turns expressing themselves, not only bridging different eras but also various lands. Collaborating since 2017, the Albanian-Swiss singer and the English guitarist present, for the second time, a quartet project that delves once again into the essence of diverse cultures across places and times, capturing their fragile beauty. On this occasion, they are supported by an outstanding rhythm section, featuring Swiss double bassist Patrice Moret and Macedonian drummer Viktor Filipovski.