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Line-up (TBA)
The warm and captivating notes of the English saxophonist will conclude the 41st edition of Cully Jazz. Widely noticed since the release of her debut album "SOURCE" and her Tiny Desk concert on NPR in 2020, Nubya Garcia is one of the young talents in the British jazz scene to follow closely. Over the past few years, the musician has laid the foundation for a promising career, earning praise from international critics. Infusing a strong artistic identity into her compositions, the Londoner navigates between genres, combining elements of cumbia and reggae from her Afro-Caribbean heritage with jazz and sounds from hip-hop or soul, resulting in powerful and sensitive music.
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Yahael Camara Onono (djb), Jali Bakary Konteh (kora), Godwin Sonzi (g), Jonathan Monga Moko (bg), Triston Dubison (dms), Xhosa Cole (ts, fl), Nate Cole (tb), Elias Jordan Atkinson (tp, fh), Adeegun Crispin Robinson (cga), Michael Olayinka (dms, perc), Aboucar Konate (dounoun)
Balimaya Project will once again ignite the Big Top, having captivated the audience at the Next Step with one of the most memorable concerts of the 2022 edition. With its 13 members, this collective will present its new album, more personal and composed around the experiences of its leader, Yahael Camara Onono. The concept of brotherhood remains central for Balimaya, which in the Maninka language means "kinship." It is through the talents of each group member that the influences of West African folk traditions and those of the current London jazz, grime, and funky house scenes achieve the harmony that characterizes their hybrid music—a reflection of the heritage of the African diaspora of which they are among the leading representatives.