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Duncan Bellamy (dms), Jack Wyllie (ss, ts, elec), Milo Fitzpatrick (bg, cb), Taz Modi (kbd)
"Prickly Pear" and "Pompidou" are among the tracks that define the signature sound of Portico Quartet, one of the flagship formations in contemporary jazz, acclaimed since its release of Knee-Deep in the North Sea in 2007. After nearly two decades of existence, the London-based group has distinguished itself by offering music that defies categorization. From ambient minimalism to dance music with energetic rhythms – as showcased in the tracks from their most recent album Monument – the instrumentalists skillfully master the blend of genres. On stage, their captivating performances resemble a moving mural, unfolding the multifaceted creativity of the four musicians.
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Avishai Cohen (tp), Barak Mori (cb), Yonathan Avishai (p), Ziv Ravitz (dms)
In his new album Naked Truth, released in 2022, trumpeter Avishai Cohen delivers a sound of raw beauty and profound vulnerability. This music stems from a two-year meditation, following the success of "Big Vicious," his previous, more electric opus armed with two drummers, which propelled him into the international spotlight. Widely recognized today as a musician with a unique sound and a spirit of exploration, a creative player-composer open to multiple jazz currents, and active as a leader, co-leader, and sideman, he brings along his longtime colleagues for this project - pianist Yonathan Avishai, bassist Barak Mori, and drummer Ziv Ravitz - who share an intuitive understanding of his art.