Festival Friends

Support the Cully Jazz Festival by becoming a Friend

A Festival that offers more than 100 free concerts each year needs support.

Help the Cully Jazz Festival to offer prestigious concerts by participating to the funding of the Club’s free stage that is dedicated to the discovery of jazz.

By helping the Festival, you will benefit from special services during the Festival and will enter the prize draw to win a Festival pass to see every concert.

The benefits

Each Friend receives:

  • An invitation to the Friends of the Festival aperitif during the Festival
  • A chance to win a pass for the Festival
  • Invitations to partners institutions events and concerts throughout the year
  • A Festival’s programme by mail.

Support the concerts at the Club by offering...

… a round of drinks to a band
CHF 50.-

And you will get…
1 gift voucher for a bottle of wine

… meals to a band
CHF 100.-

2 gift vouchers for two bottles of wine

… accomodation
CHF 200.-

1 gift voucher for a bottle of wine and
1 ticket for a concert of your choice

… one instrument rental
CHF 300.-

1 gift voucher for a bottle of wine and
2 tickets for a concert of your choice

… transportation
CHF 500.-

1 gift voucher for a bottle of wine and
1 invitation to the Foundation’s fundraising event*

… a participation to the artist’s fee
CHF 1000.- and more

1 voucher for a wine bottle and
2 invitations to the Foundation’s fundraising event*

* Every year the Lavaux-Cully-Jazz Foundation organises a Fundraising event which consists of a cocktail reception and a concert at the Chapiteau.

How to become a Friend

Complete the form below and email it to fondation@cullyjazz.ch

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Contributions to be paid directly to:

Fondation Lavaux-Cully-Jazz
CCP 23-230793-1
IBAN CH29 0900 0000 23230793 1


Additional information

Fondation Lavaux-Cully-Jazz
Place de l’Hôtel-de-Ville 2,
CP 138, CH–1096 Cully

Phone +41 21 799 99 00